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Custom embroidery is one of the many services Ataly Graphics offers. Our professional grade machinery turns out embroidered shirts and other made-to-order products from embroidered hats to unique design branding logo embroidery.

We use the most state of the art machines, while some of our competitors hold on to technology of the past decades. We know that the machines which paved the way for what Ataly Graphics uses today weren’t first introduced until 1980.  Prior to then the machines ran from a paper tape which was a similar idea to the old player pianos that had the rolls that played the musical notes.

Though some in the industry still cling to past technology, we’ve modernized every step of the way. In the last 33 years the quality of the embroidery has improved tremendously allowing for finer detail and multiple color logos and those are the tools we use in our day-to-day business.