Package Design

The first thing a customer sees when they purchase your product is the package it comes in.  A great product belongs in an equally impressive package.  As branding experts at Ataly Graphics we are constantly striving to help our customers find ways to build and promote their brands.  We are proud to announce our custom package design services.  Whether it is modifying an existing package design or creating a new structure, Ataly Graphics has a solution for you.

package design

Key Elements to the Design Process

• Product : The package as part of the overall product - component configuration, retail requirements, distribution considerations, protective properties
• Brand : How the package & in-box materials function as a seamless extension of the brand - box opening experience, graphic treatment & way-finding, textural properties
• Manufacturing : Ensuring brand & product needs concur with material availability, production & regulatory requirements, pack-out & distribution complexities
• Environment : Material & manufacturing sustainability, market requirements, end-of-life implications, overarching corporate social responsibility needs
• Cost : Balancing material & manufacturing costs over all product objectives & brand requirements

package design

Utilizing the latest software programs we work step by step with our clients to understand the overall objective of your packaging needs.  We can create a perfect solution that satisfies your companies needs and ensures the final product fits within your company’s budget and timeline.  Working in conjunction with our graphic design team we ensure your custom package maximizes brand identity.

• Software programs: ArtiosCAD, SolidWorks 3D, Adobe Creative Suite 6
• Materials: paperboard, corrugated, foam, thermoformed plastics
• Printing: direct & litho-laminated
• Specialty Packaging: folding cartons, rigid boxes, corrugated boxes, POP Displays, blister & clamshell packaging

Our experts will work with you to identify the precise packaging opportunity to meet your goals.  Whether you are looking for standard high volume commodity packaging, or unique value added high end packaging, Ataly Graphics has your answer.

If you already have a packaging process we can offer advice on how to save money and increase ROI.  We will examine your current package structures and provide print, production, and package structure advice.  Our branding experts can also suggest color combinations and logo placement that will help grab the attention of the target consumer and leave a lasting impression with your customers.  The end product will incorporate higher quality, consumer –focused elements into redesigns of your packaging.

package design

Once you are 100% satisfied with your product packaging Ataly Graphics can also offer transportation packaging and logistics solutions.  How the product packs and ships are critical elements of package design and have direct impact on the overall cost.  Number of pieces, outside diameter, weight, and package materials is all important factors in making packaging transportation decisions.  We can identify potential cost saving strategies with your overall product delivery process, and even offer fulfillment services to give you absolute piece of mind in product delivery.

For more information on our package design services or to set up an initial consultation with our professional package design team please contact us.